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As read during the WIMPY Awards

General Excellence – Local Lodge

Honorable Mention  LL 1746 Insight.  Editor Joe Durette. Good mix of local and national news, the writing is of a high quality. The Congressman Larson interview is excellent. Member photos is always a winner.

Third Place  LL 2003 2003 Shop Talk.  Editor Joseph “Dusty” Cooper. Text is short and sweet, great graphics in articles. The “Dusty Cooper Communicator” page is a great personal touch.

Second Place  LL 2323 Contact.  Editors Rob Piercy and Dave Flowers. Phenomenal front page. While the officer’s reports are text heavy, the information is compressive and valuable. Neat and consistent layout.

First Place  LL 701 Mechanics’ Local 701 News and Views.  Editors Sam Cicinelli, Mark Grasseschi, and Robert Lessmann. Focuses on Local organizing stories, new hires. Does a great job of keeping the membership informed. Clean layout, a good mix of text photos and graphics. Positive presentation to the community. Great mix of national and local issues. A good looking publication.

General Excellence – District Lodge

Honorable Mention FD1 NFFE E-News  Editors Steve Lenkart and Jai Atkins – Short and sweet, jammed with information in an important sector of our union. Has a strong voice that borders on swagger, and that’s a good thing. 

Third Place District 54 – District 54’s E-Newsletter  Editor Regina Wright – Every single piece of information is urgent and actionable. Stewards are the backbone of our union, and the publication gives them their due. Every newsletter should have retirement and in memoriam section. 

Second Place District  141 Airmail- International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers District 141 Newsletter Editor in Chief Mike Klemm; Executive Director Alex Gerulis; Editors Ines Garcia-Keim, Bradley Quartuccio, Eric Price, Dave Lehive – The Grievance active report is an inspired victory lap in the year in review. Gives prominent attention to a critical organizing campaign. Great member profiles in the Hawaii feature and the Al Yamada profile. A design that draws you into great features and photos.

First Place District 751 Aero Mechanic  Editor Connie Kelliher – They outline all the punchy content on the front page, then the President expands on it in his report. The member, retiree and community section at the end is outstanding. Every month, the Aero Mechanic is an answer to the question “What is the union doing for me this month”. Exceedingly valuable in explaining complicated issues like health care. 

Best Feature – Local Lodge

Third Place LL 701 – Mechanics’ Local 701 News and Views. “Local 701 Union Brothers save a life!”  Editors Sam Cicinelli, Mark Grasseschi, and Robert Lessmann.  A unique feature, compact and tells a compelling story, with a powerful message.

Second Place LL 1746 – Insight. “Right to Work is a Wrong Turn” Editor Joe Durette. Right-to-Work is a Wrong Turn – A dead-on timely piece, a strong argument that adds a lot of depth without getting lost in the weeds, paired with a great vintage cartoon.

First Place FL 125 The 125 Post.  “Hello from the Union Communicator” Editors Ajanta Barua and Bill Lyons. – A great first-person essay about the benefits and joys of getting more involved with the local and international. A voice of the membership, and a great organizing tool.

District Lodge – Best Feature

Third Place Ohio State Council News & Views “President Wright’s Remarks on the Future of the Labor Movement and Upcoming November Elections” Editor Regina Wright – Straight forward, packs a lot of useful information into a concise article. A good combination of facts and passion. It’s exactly the kind of information members should expect from their representatives. 

Second Place District 142 The Observer  “Stand up for yourselves and your co-workers! Let Rosie the Riveter be your inspiration.” Editor Dave Supplee, President. – A compelling history of feminism, and the IAM’s place in moving it forward. Makes a valuable connection between a historic icon and the current “me too” movement. 

First Place District 751 Aero Mechanic Editor Connie Kelliher “Union Advantages Visible Every Day for 751 Member Luizane Chiv.”- A really powerful member story that all IAM members can get a lot out of. A good example of what a strong union contract can do. It features a commitment to aggressive representation. 

Layout and Design – Local Lodge

Third Place LL 1725 Victory Newsletter. Editor Gary Winchester. Strong masthead, excellent front page. Editor and local are maintaining a long history of excellence. Highly relevant content.

Second Place LL 2323 Contact.  Editors Rob Piercy and Dave Flowers. Brilliant front page, a fantastic job of highlighting the most important information. Neat, clean professional layout. Comic on the final page is a nice touch.

First Place FL 125 The 125 Post. Editors Ajanta Barua and Bill Lyons. Outstanding eye appeal, great masthead, and professional level layout. Black History Month color theme was inspired as well as timely.

Layout and Design – District Lodge

Honorable Mention – District 70 Staying Connected  Editor Scott Gardner – A creative and mold-breaking style that is visually exciting. A great job of pairing graphics with articles, and we’re excited to see how this relatively new publication to continue to evolve and grow. 

Third Place District 751 Aero Mechanic  Editor Connie Kelliher – Looks like a professional full-color newspaper. Pages at the end of each issue are jam-packed with photos of members, families, and retirees, which stand out and show off a vibrant labor committee. 

Second Place District 142  The Observer Editor Dave Supplee, President. – High marks for eye-pleasing layout. Easy to read, great use of graphic elements. Features active members and retirees. Southwest Steward training photo page was a highlight. 

First Place District 141 Airmail- International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers District 141 Newsletter Editor in Chief Mike Klemm; Executive Director Alex Gerulis; Editors Ines Garcia-Keim, Bradley Quartuccio, Eric Price, Dave Lehive – Profession magazine-style covers. Gorgeous feature layout that does a great job of making the text usable, and great photos of our members.

Website General Excellence – Local Lodge

2 Honorable Mention  LL 912 www.iamll912.org  Editor D. Shane Latta.  A great overall site features the history and current events. Members active and retired prominently featured.

1 Honorable Mention  – LL T6078 tcuiamlocal6078.com Editor Kevin Cheek. A good, straightforward site, with unique features like in memoriam and “Graffiti” in the photo gallery. Why is that not an Instagram page?

Third Place LL  811 – http://www.local811houston.org  Editor Sarah Monderoy.  Web Steward gave a lot of thought and work to put a great polish on a straightforward site. Steward directory and networking pages are great features.

Second Place LL 701 – mech701.com  Editors Walter and Mark Grasseschi.  Front page photo gallery put member’s faces first. Clean, colorful and easy to navigate. Good mix of work and community activities. Nice features like a swag store. A worthy organizing tool.

First Place LL 1725 – VL1725.org  Editor Todd Day.  The home page is eye-catching with news slider, photos featuring members is always a big plus, great local and national issues featured. Easy access to interior pages and lots of great information.

Website General Excellence  – District

Third Place FD1 www.nffe.org  Editor Jai Atkins – In a sector under attack, this site gives NFFE members the tools to get involved and make a difference. The attractive and easy-to-navigate layout gives action items and information unique to federal employees. 

Second Place District 77 www.iam77.org  Editor Ross Olson  – Great masthead and logo, good design, use of maps is a nice touch. Love the IAM HELPS section. Great “Join the IAM” page.

First Place District 141 iam141.org  Editor Bradley Quartucccio – Nice balance – very interesting and varied front page with lots of features. The “Forms” feature is probably quite valuable and often used. This site is a standout. 

Website Layout and Design – Local Lodge

Third Place LL 1976 www.pal1976.com  Editor Robert Rodriguez. Great first impression, uncrowded and useful design.

Second Place LL 869  aimta869.ca  Editor Benoit Blanchette. – Professional-grade design, with a bi-lingual home page.   Full-featured and easy on the eyes.

First Place LL 463 www.iamaw463.com  & .net &.org  Editor Layne Johnston – Stunning opening page. Intuitive navigation features elegant animation effects. Overall, a professional, modern website.

Website Layout and Design – District

Honorable Mention – DL 142 www.iamdl142.org  Editor Dave Supplee, President, and Rachael Ackerman – Being able to filter for news per airline is in inspired feature to the website.

Third Place District 140 www.iam140.ca  Editor John Vincent – Clean website design with a stellar masthead, logo menu and front page photo composite. Full-featured and functional English and French mirror. 

Second Place District 77 www.iam77.org   Editor Ross Olson – Neat, clean design, and extremely practical. Masthead, logo and front page gallery do the District justice. Bells and whistles are great without being overwhelming. 

First Place District 141 iam141.org  Editor Bradley Quartuccio – This site takes full advantage of what you can do with a website in 2019. Design is done with the viewer in mind. Features on the opening page include a video that plays within the page. Great first impression above the fold. 

Social Media – Local Lodge 

Honorable Mention Local 2202 Facebook.com/locallodge2202  Editors Kaleb Rosa & Felicia McDaneld – Great use of events shows they are using their FB page as an organizing tool. 

Third Place Local 912 www.facebook.com/IAM.912  Editor D. Shane Latta – FB page did a great job of showing off GE negotiations actions. A great mix of posts. 

Second Place Local 774 www.facebook.com/ict774  Editor Scott Gardner. – a great mix of posts makes it a valuable resource for members. Nice use of alert symbol emoji when member’s attention for important organizing events. Good use of original graphics and posts.

First Place Local 869 Facebook.com/aimta869 Twitter.com/aimta869  Editor Benoit Blanchette- Great balance of local and international posts. Some fun, light-hearted posts to keep things interesting, and a great job of highlighting involved in flood relief

Social Media – District Lodge

Honorable Mention – DL 54 Twitter page: www.twitter.com/@DistrictLodge54  Editor Regina Wright.     Great balance of original tweets and re-tweets. Good job of highlighting both District and International news. Excels at showing off members. 

Third Place Jet Blue Campaign – IAMJetBLUE.com  Editor Eric Price. – Great organizing campaign-specific FB Page. A lot of original memes which are quite sharable. The site has a strong voice. 

Second Place District 141 – www.facebook.com/IAMAWDistrict141/  Editor Dave Lehive. – Stands out, great engagement because of the use of video, photos and highlights individual members. 

First Place NFFE –www.facebook.com/NFFEUnion  Editor Brittany Holder. – Beyond just having a strong and professional presence, they post articles with excerpts in the posts, leveraging union plus for unique content and recognizing member and local achievements. Very nice site.

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